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Managing Director’s Message


Anshul Goel

CEO & Managing Director

Duroshox started its journey with a small team of 12 people in 1986. We have come a long way since our inception. Today we are market leaders for a variety of niche product applications. We come to work every day with a deep passion for excellence and seek to create a positive impact through briliance at our workplace and our customer centric approach to business.

We are mission driven and have created an organization where people are inspired to do good work and lead a life that makes a positive difference on the world around us. Our people are committed to making a difference and have created miracles over the last 2 decades. Our approach is both aggressive (with our goals) and grounded (with our deep rooted core values) at the same time.

Our values of Commitment, Continual Improvement, Preservation and Flexibility are the underlying principles based on which we make decisions. We look for these values when we recruit people and partner with other companies. We are constantly challenging ourselves to get better and create excellence.

Duroshox is a privately owned business. Our deep rooted values and long term view is an important foundation. We do not only look for short term benefits and our ownership structure gives us a long-term orientation that traditional public or companies with dispersed ownership often lack.

We strive to become a market leader in the sectors that we operate by working side-by-side with our customers as a partner, not a vendor, which ultimately results in the success our customers strive to achieve. Our core purpose is to “Help Our Customers Succeed In Their Marketplace”. Moving ahead fast, yet consistently, we will continue to adhere to the management philosophy we have followed since our foundation – to seek constant growth while adhering to our core values. 

If you are a potential customer, do give us the pleasure to understand how we could be of assistance. If you are a potential supplier or service provider, let’s work together to create miracles. Allow us to challenge you and collaborate with you to create a purposeful future.

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